As the All Campus Transfer Association we make it our mission to help transfers become tritons. Being at UCSD, we realize that many of the struggles that transfer students encounter, in trying to adapt and become better acclimated to the university environment, are amplified. The amplification is primarily due to the increased pace of the quarter system, as well as, the higher level of difficulty in courses at UC San Diego. As a result of the increased intensity, transfers tend to put their heads down and work constantly in order to get their degree in the allotted two-to-three years. Many times they often miss out on many of the opportunities afforded to other students, like big school events, making new friends, learning to network effectively, and experiencing college as a whole.  These are fundamental aspects of being a triton and missing out on those aspects tends to detract from a students feeling of belonging.

Our mission is two pronged. Firstly, we want to combat that heads-down style of getting through UCSD by utilizing the resources provided by UCSD. We want all transfers to be able to proudly state that they are tritons and have it mean something. UCSD offers thousands of events year round that help students socialize, network, learn, and find ways to do all of those things better. These events go largely unnoticed due to the separation in advertising between the colleges and university. We want to change that by using ourselves as a conduit that efficiently makes students more aware of the benefits they have accessible to them. Not only do we want to help pass along information, but also we are going to throw events throughout the year and implement programs that assist our transfers, in becoming terrific tritons. We will be having events that allow you to meet some of the best friends you may ever have, network with people that could one day find you a career, and teach you things that you will use for the rest of your life.

Secondly, We realize that ultimately what happens is the voice of the transfer population sometimes becomes stifled due to the nature of UC San Diego. We are taking it upon ourselves to gather consensus among transfers students and make certain that it is heard amongst the general student body. In order to accomplish this feat, we utilize two benefits at our disposal. One, we have had it written into the by laws the Associated Students that All Campus Transfer Senators must attend ACTA meetings, allowing us to relay our findings to them. That essentially gives transfers two voting positions on AS Council, and two, we have been given a seat ex-officio at AS Council for the ACTA president to attend. With three voices advocating on behalf of our transfer students we assure that the needs and desires of transfer students are at the very least being heard.

This website serves as our central hub, where we can relay all of our knowledge and information directly to you. You can find all the resources that you have at your disposal, learn about all the events that we have in store for you, and keep up to date on all the information that concerns you as a UCSD undergraduate.

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