Welcome to our new Transfer page.


 ACTA, The All-Campus Transfer Association strives to help transfers become Tritons here at UCSD. We understand your concerns, and we are here to voice them. We want to answer your questions; as well as help you form bonds and a strong relationship with your community. We have three main goals.


We want to represent the transfer community adequately. And the way we can do this is to be available to you. We have made it our goal to be approachable and have as much information and resources available to you as possible, so that if you should come to us we will be able to provide clear and accurate information regarding student life, academics, and other concerns that the population has as a whole.  We want transfer students to voice their opinions about us,  the community, and UCSD openly and freely, knowing that we are here to listen. We are here to learn and to help UCSD understand what its students needs. ACTA has been given an ex-officio seat on AS Council for the ACTA president to voice concerns and advocate on the behalf of transfer students. We will work closely with the Transfer Senators, who are voting AS members, in order to strive towards the goals of the transfer Communities. With these three seats on council we plan to make your voices heard throughout the university.


ACTA wants you to know that we are also students, we also have the same concerns, we understand the place that you are in as a transfer student whether this is your first year or your third year. We want you to feel safe coming to us and speaking your mind. We are open to critiques because we want to be better for you. ACTA has an office in Price Center, and a brand new office in The Village. Whether you’re stopping by PC to grab a bite or are passing our new office in North Break feel free to come in and give us advice or tips and if you have time come in and just talk to us. Let us know about your favorite events or if any events could be better. We are here for you, and we greatly appreciate your feedback. We want our community to feel welcome.


Lastly,  ACTA wants you to make connections with fellow transfers. We have seen friendships formed from our events. We have also gained members because the students who have attended our events understand what we are about and want to be a part of this family. Our events are for transfers to feel community, we want our events to help you be better acclimated to the campus and the area surrounding campus. Each event hopes to create a social connection amongst transfers where they can meet people from similar backgrounds, majors, and cultures; but not only that we want our transfers to meet transfers from different lifestyles and academics. Our events are full of diversity, friends, and most importantly fun.


I want to invite you to come out to one event, or stop by our office; we want to meet you. We encourage you to voice your concerns. Or ask us about our next event. We promise to have at least one event you will enjoy. 


I hope to see you soon,


Heidi Martinez

ACTA President





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